Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet the Gang

Hey, so there I am! Thats me on the left there with the best roomie ever. I'll miss you Pat-rye.
I'm studying Fashion Design in Limerick and I enjoy partying and generally being ridiculous. This pic is from a recent NERD party. I love both nerds and N*E*R*D, they were pretty much my first favourite band. My other interest include open bodies of water. I've yet to meet one I didn't like.
This Blog as about me and a couple of my friends. I'm the one doing all the blogging though. But anyway lets meet the rest of them.....

In his own words he's "very post-modern" but really Dave doesn't seem to like wearing clothes. I enjoy writing in him in biro[Below]. He also like breaking nito peoples houses to steal Beer Bongs, and a bitta stella and break dancing. He also has a coat heald together by duct tape. That him in a nut shell really.

Ceol thinks he's special because he's named after the Irish word for music, because he was born in Spain and because he has Irish and Australian passports. It has more to do with the fact that he's a complete nerd and can rhyme of random fact out of no where. He contains more random info that Wikipedia. Oh, he also want to see Luxenburg dead for being the no.1 country for alcohol consumption per capita in the world. One day Ceol, one day. I met both Ceol and Dave during Rag week, The most ridiculous 12 weeks of my life.

Steve is steve and beer is inevitably beer.

<- An average Tuesday for Steve really. Steve loves pizza, his graffiti covered car, beer, and toys. He's also a professional weatherman.


  1. Oh Nic..u seize to amaze me!
    Beer is beer!!

  2. I aim to please.... I shall do major updatage today I promise.