Sunday, February 28, 2010

B, Ceol!

Ceol's about to go off galavanting again, so now its just 3 of us left in the house. Sad face.

Reason's Ceol is great:
1. He is good at hugs and the general business of cheering up.
2. he knows loads of stuff.
3. He's a pastaferian
4. He's name is Music ffs!
5. he's very clean [unlike most of us]
6. he has an epic collection of pringles tube for reasons unknown.
7. He's travelled loads of places in the world.
8. He's suuuuuuper vegeterian.
9. He can speak a bit of spanish and portugese
10. He's very funny.

he's just blingin' daaawg, yeah!


in other news...


Imogen Heap needs a hearing aid, the high pitched screech of her own voice burst her own ear drums

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