Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was brought to my attention that Steve, well Steve didn't really get a fair mention in the intro's. Which is silly since I know him the longest and I L H and all.

so without further a-do......

A list of reasons everyone should love Steve:

  1. He always wakes up at nine. Hammered or not.
  2. He has plastic toy figurines stuck all over the dash of his car.
  3. He also makes necklaces out of the figurines.
  4. He still [after 3 months minumum] changed his license plate or his lights in his car.
  5. He never has money but he'll still pay for you to get into Costello's.
  6. Knack-tastic music. He has loads. BAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS.
  7. His love of Beour's [probably spelled wrong.]
  8. His ability to charm his way out of any situation. eg. Missing 3 weeks of Graphics
  9. Also his ability to make anyone trust him. Eg. The ladies in Oxfam let him borrow a mannequin so I could use it for ranking.
  10. The fact that he went on a mission to find me a mannequin on the last morning of ranking.
  11. His press handle for a light-switch
  12. The giant Swiss army knife in his room.
  13. The fact that he invited me over to dinner when I was stuck in limerick with my bollixed knee.
  14. His eternal love of Pizza.
  15. The invention of GCC..... or should I say starting a GCC craze.
  16. Checking out his car in that one window in town when ever you drive past.
  17. He's a model.
  18. Giving me lifts places, esp when I had the bollixed knee.
  19. He likes to watch me fall asleep.
  20. He likes it even more when he gets to wake me up with camera's.
  21. He's love of transformers and his giant cardboard transformer.
  22. His neon scooter. Which he nicked outside of supervalu. :D
  23. His Nerd Dance. Or him being a nerd in general.
  24. there is no such thing as out of line.
  25. He loves to rave it up.
  26. He has nice shoes.
  27. He brings us to Lahinch
  28. Tetris.
  29. N A
  30. He drove an hour out of his way [with Erika] to come visit me during the easter holidays.

there are more ..... loads more.

31. He's a professional weather man.
32. And newspaper.... to sleep on.
33. Beer is Beer.
34. Pigs and cunts.

that is all.