Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Epic adventures of Nicola....

... So seeing as I've been mainly spending my summer, alone [sniff sniff, tear] in my mothers house, being poor, hugely unemployable and generally lazy I thought I may aswell keep blogging about my life to the 4 solitary people who've subscribed to this mess. To catch up to date with my shenanigans I'll be going back and explaining the story behind my Face book status updates for the past 6-ish weeks.....

Made loads of clothes today.When she should have been packing. Don't tell Top-cat. 17th june - 16:04

I had loads of spare material and clothes i needed altering before my trip to america to I spend the day between doing that and being on facebook and generally avoiding my mom's [aka Top-Cat] nagging about packing.

A boombox is not a toy. 17th june - 21:56

From the Lonely Island song "BoomBox" presumeably I had been listen to the song while on facebook and seen it as necessary to change me status to lyrics. doing her research on boston and has decided I NEED to go to the new england Pirate museum. 17th june 23:17

I love pirate, I can't lie. I was online trying to see what was going on in the general new england area that I'd like to see. And this caught my eye straight away. I was also looking up art galleries, museums, and shopping, mainly vintage.

is leaving for Gran's in an hour. Fully packing and ready to rock. next stop Logan
International. 18th june 13:01

For those of you who didn't already know I went to America with my granmere, AKA gran or Mama. so on the day before I left was was going to her house. I had started packing yet, having avoided all of the perivous week, and then my Uncle rings me telling me he's colllecting me in an hour get ready to go.

After an hour of blind panic. I'm packed. And no ones else is ready to leave. fecking typical. 18th june 14:19

speaks for it self really, I was pretty fecking pissed at everyone considering the fact that they had all being giving out to me to get ready and I was still ready before them all.

I'm off! Chat ye later. 18th june 14:49

A half hour later the show got on the road and this was my last status undate till I touched down in America almost 36 hours later. or so I thought....

so I'm not actually gone.... Mama was being a tricker 18th june 15:12

Still in my house, still waiting to go, still getting annoyed at Mama.

woke up after a nap( after been awake for 24 hours) in a questionable tent in the centre of an american football stadium with atleast 200 people walking me while listening to a song about not trusting Vegetarians. in other news a had 6 waffles and maple syrup for brekkie and atleast 6 serving of Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee Coolatas all good day all round really. 21st june 01:23 [20:23 american time]

I got to america at like 8pm [irish time] on the 19th june, this update happened roundly 24 hours after I arrived. well I had basically been awake for 36 hours when my cousin put me to bed. I joined them at the American Cancer society's Relay for life, a fundraiser that involved teams of 5+ walking around the New England Patriots footballl stadium, non-stop for 30 hours. Our team was called the galway fight. I did roughly 8 miles [32 laps of the pitch] before passing out and dying. I woke up after 3-4 hours to the 3oh!3 song "don't trust me" being played by the on-site DJ, at the time in my delirium thought it was about not trusting Vegetarians. The only thing that kept me pepped for the rest of the 30 hours was the multiple Dunkies I got and the red bulls Stephanie [another one of my lovely cousins] had managed to swindle of one of our neighbours. After the relay I went back to my aunt Phils house and she packed me full of waffle, I showered annd slept for 6 hours, then I got my ass on Face book as soon as I got to my cousin Linda's house.

just got back from Muppet mass. No, seriously. 21st june 15:50.

I had to go to american mass that morning and I shit you not the priest pulled out a muppet priest and started talked through it and then out of no where there was 4 more of them a bible one and 3 weird animal ones. the whole homely was done through muppets. It turned out 9 am mass is Chirdrens mass and this is normal. But It was hilarious. Mama's face was like thunder. Linda, brenda, dave and I were trying so hard not to bust out laughing. It was probably the best mass I've ever gone too, apart from that one mass that Fr. Delaney equated the Catholic church to Star wars in is homily. That was pretty sweet too.

linda wants to look into me doing project runway. I'd get in cos I'm irish AND I can make stuff. 21st june 21:04

Linda, my cousin who'se house I based myself in stateside, basically became my US mom [AKA USTC or US Topcat] so in the car ride back to hers from where ever we had been, she started ato ask me all about college and what I do, I explained and then she became determinded for me to move to Boston and enter Project Runway. She's always like this though. When she found out I wanted to go to art college she send me the propecti for all the art colleges in a 20 min radius of her home so I could move in with her and go to art college. I even emailed of of the admissions people at MASSart, who was lovely, but I can't afford $40,000 to go to college. It would have been class though. Project runway on the other hand.... I might actually consider it. Especially since theres the novelity that I'm irish!

Today I hit Providence RI with Nance. 22 june 15:05

Nancy is Linda and Brenda's older sister, and her and her husband Scott took me to there home city of providence rhode Island where I got to see Brown University and the Rhode island school of Design [risd] art gallery, which was ah-mazing! it was really was, there was vintage designer clothes, a Marcel Bauer exhibit, a class portrait exhibit and loads of other stuff I loved, we spent like 3 hours in there!
then we haded to Thayer street so I could do a little shopping, I hit loads of vintage shops, in one I bought what will probably be my 21st b-day dress, and then Kebab and Curry for lunch. This was my first time having proper Indian food and it was unreal. like reallly really lovely. I was so full after it though. On the way home we hit up the shit-hole town of Woonsocket RI to get KFC for Phil and Gran for dinner.

God Bless America. 24 june 15:12

I love America.

bought yellow tommy hilfiger wellies [15 dollars] and clear/see-through cons[1/2 off] today. And some dr pepper flavoured lip balm. Happy out! 24 june 17:46

I love shopping in america.. I really really do. That day me and Brenda hit-up Target [for my basic america favourites of lips smackers and secret deo. Why can't you get this crap in ireland???] and JC penny [AKA TK Maxx as its know in the Old country] I went spastic in the shoe dept and bought wellies and a pair of cons, followed by a 2nd pair of cons when we got to emerald square Mall. While in Emerald Sq mall, we got lunch in Bertucci's, where I had some soup and salad in the hope of sorting out my stomach which hadn't been right since I hit america. It did!! :D

more epic adventure to come soon ....